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The NPA Burrard Bridge solution

November 4th, 2008 · 6 Comments

I know it’s hard for almost anyone to pay attention to anything but the riveting Gregor Robertson two-zone SkyTrain ticket uproar, but a short station break to let you know that the Non-Partisan Association’s announcement today was that it would support spending $33 million to fix the Burrard Bridge to make it safer for cyclists. That means putting some kind of barrier between the road and the sidewalk.

I’m not sure what cyclists think of that, but $33 million is enough to pay for one and a half community centres. Maybe everyone could take the bus, go to the new community centres, and spend an hour on stationary cycles.

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  • $33 million to put up a barrier? C’mon.

    And the original concept of widening the sidewalks was going to cost $13 million (2oo2); what happened to that?

  • Marshall

    I heard that $33M budget goes to needed bridge repairs (have you looked at that puppy up close lately, the concrete in places is crumbling).

    The guard railing will be installed as an interim safety measure until the city can afford something more substantial for cyclists. No lane closures to impede auto or bus traffic.

    A prudent plan.

  • Not prudent

    Can someone explain to me how constructing full-length concrete barriers along the bridge on both sides is somehow not going to create months of construction delays?

    And why is the NPA campaigning on this issue again? They spent every waking minute in 2005 talking about it – why hasn’t Peter Ladner done anything?

    guess he was taking one of his patented naps.

  • $33 million for a barrier or wider sidewalks seems steep, so I wouldn’t be surprised if some of that amount were dedicated to structural upkeep.

    That aside, I do know one thing that would make the bridge safer for everyone: strict enforcement of speed limits and action against aggressive driving. I know, I know – dreamland 🙂

  • As a cyclist, I can say this is a dumb solution. The Burrard Bridge is dangerous to bike on because there are too many cyclists and pedestrians sharing small sidewalks. Barriers will do nothing to fix this. It’s a waste of money that could be spent on more important solutions.

    It would be better to build a separate pedestrian/cyclist bridge or devote a lane to cyclists.

  • The $33m number needs some fleshing out.

    If council had had the guts to ignore the whining from a bunch of west side drivers when the lane closure experiment was launched years ago we would have a safe bike lane and safe sidewalks for pedestrians now.

    It’s typical political nonsense. Council sits on their hands for 10 or 15 years and a relatively simple and affordable solution turns into a multi-million dollar solution.