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The Olympics are going to make us better: Ignatieff

February 8th, 2010 · 7 Comments

In case anyone missed it, the NY Times Magazine had an all-Olympics issue and featured the two Canadians they know best to talk about the Olympics: Michael Ignatieff and Douglas Coupland.

Here’s the link to Ignatieff’s column, all about how we’re going to rise to the occasion. Stunning picture of the village to go with it. As Bob Rennie would say, you just can’t buy that kind of advertising.

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  • Joseph Jones

    And Bob Rennie knows that the essence of life is buying … and selling!

  • Simon

    stunning picture? really? it’s so drab and grey, like someone turned down the colour

  • Eileen Mosca

    For another interesting politician’s take on the Olympics, check out Stephen Harper’s interview on Olympic hockey in Sports Illustrated on line. He points out some parallels between the US and baseball /Canada and hockey.
    Comparing the articles and the publications they appear in ….elitist intellectual vs Joe Sixpack….is interesting

  • Glissando Remmy

    FOUR, 3, 2, 1…The Olympic Countdown Thought of the Day

    “How did it all start? A few months ago some journalists tried to beautify the way Vancouver was lost at Corporate Poker. As we know now, the Olympic gang made Vancouver their most precious mark in the con. We were sold the IOC borscht the same way they sell Yaks in Afghanistan. All they needed in order to succeed was…as many collaborators they could get, from all levels of the government and of course…the plebe. No problem, historically they always sucked it up; so far, it proved to be right. But I’ll give you three pointers for thought: Vichy, France, 1940.”

    If you think I am wrong and there was no Olympic “occupation” for years, simply ask the people of the Cambie corridor. For three weeks Vancouver will be under attack, loss of civil liberties, full surveillance and travel restrictions. You cannot afford the ridiculous prices they are asking for those venues, tough; you are not welcomed on their Olympic corridors! Even media from foreign countries are pointing out in their papers that the Olympic tourists to Vancouver 2010 are members of their Nouveau Riche, some of them, shady characters ,that just can’t tell you how they made their first $ million, or “they’ll have to kill you”.
    Approximately 30% of the voting population of BC voted YES in the 2003 Referendum (based in part on the millions of dollars misinformation that the Bid “crown funded” corporation put together). An astounding 90% of British Columbians think today that was a huge mistake and predict a long period of misery ahead on the way to recovery.
    Huge amounts of monies were derailed from social, health and education projects and buried in this collective nonsense. Now we know, reporters are stopped at the border. Independent media is dead, MSM are in continuum bondage with the “occupying” forces. The leaders of the day suck up any which way to their counterparts. The whole city is dressed in flags with symbols, signatures of the visitors. Streets are blocked. Curfews are imposed. Prices are hiked, land is misused and fences are raised around the main centers. Red carpets are laid. Special corridors, free speech zones where nobody wants to go; new laws against dissent are being passed by our own “No Vision” government. From kindergarten to adults, students of all ages are peddled the propaganda material. Their stock is massive, flags, brochures, uniforms, introductory meetings; free labour called “volunteer” work is being praised.
    In a just world this action from an elected government could only be seen as treason. But hey, we are getting way ahead of ourselves here. I’m only afraid one day I’ll be the one saying “Told you so!”


    Finger Skating; Snow Shushing; Cross Counting; Ice Sockeye; Bob & Fred; Curilingus; Speed Stalking…


    Have you checked this site recently? It looks and it reads like an adult site for the Olympic Games. I am surprised the main contributing writers haven’t choked on their own praise.


    That, only if you are a dweller on the third floor at the City Hall, for 16 hours or more per day…poor mayor, meet, greet, eat. He didn’t sign up for this! Also, Gregor’s red jersey and jacket combination was so ugly that Satan called for an immediate media conference “I have nothing to do with that. That’s all him!”


    For all those proudly wearing the Olympic merchandise today, I have a question: What are you going to do with them …next year? You recognize that wearing anything that says Vancouver 2010 in 2011 is going to make those five rings on your back look like a KICK ME sign!


    Volunteering for the Rich is a form of delightful labour in which people are considered to be the temporary property of others. The Volunteers for the Rich can be held (read the small print next time) from the time of their arrival and advised not to leave (unless you want to be fired from your real job), to refuse to work, or to receive compensation (such as wages). Volunteering for the Rich means you cannot operate street food kitchens, build a house and help an old lady cross the street or fundraise for charity. Sounds good to me!


    Hey Vancouver, take this poll and see where you stand. During these Games do you consider yourself a:
    a Government official
    b Collaborationist
    c Black marketer
    d Games Profiteer
    e FREE Bystander


    Abraham Lincoln was a trouble maker. Ghandi was a trouble maker. Rosa Parks was a trouble maker. Alexandr Soljenitsin was a trouble maker. Martin Luther King was a trouble maker. William Wilberforce was a trouble maker. Emiliano Zapata was a trouble maker. John F. Kennedy was a trouble maker. Charles de Gaulle was a trouble maker. Not to worry Michael G., even Hugo’s fictitious Gavroche was a bigger trouble maker than you’ll ever be.

    We live in Vancouver and this keeps us busy.

  • gmgw

    That faint ruckus you hear in the distance is me cheering you on, Glissando. Keep it up, by all means; I’m loving every word.

  • landlord

    Canadians are funny. Haven’t even had the first drink yet and already worried about the hangover.
    Oh, and GR : the only trouble JFK made was for his wife. His dad paid for everything else.

  • Wasn’t the The Baron of Brilliant Banality referring to “his America”?