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The Quinlan comment section

December 11th, 2008 · 11 Comments

For some weird reason, when I posted recently about Boy Wonder Kevin Quinlan’s ascension to the mayor’s office, my blog labelled the post as “Comments Off” and wouldn’t allow anyone to deposit any remarks.

In order for Kevin’s friends and enemies to have a full and frank discussion of his capabilities, I am creating this new post.

Comment away.

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  • Wagamuffin

    Ooohhhh, I love a virgin post page.

    Frances, may I say that I feel honoured to throw out the first brickbat…er…ball.

    Kevin, your poisonous partisan posts as ‘Vancouver Kid’ (and for those who never had the opportunity to partake, tough luck—he has removed the blog. Fancy that!) may yet come back to bite you in the arse.

    Oh, btw, I hear that Ian Baillie is out of a job.

    God, between this and the fact that Eby has signed off his blog , left Pivot and joined BCCL so that he would appear sanitized enough to be a part of HEAT (laughed myself silly at his pompous posturings about being concerned and needing assurances that that group be more that a reporting agency. Oh, pul-leez ), WHAT is a raging right -wing voyeur with a facial tick and Restless Leg Syndrome to do???).

  • KQ rocks

    ‘Nuff said.

  • A. G. Tsakumis

    Notwithstanding the Vancouver Kid blog, which I actually enjoyed from time to time, Kevin was a very capable media relations operative for Vision: Always courteous, helpful and honest.

    A refreshing change from those “others” who sealed the Nutty One in cellophane for the last three years.

  • Wagamuffin

    Ok, I’ll give you that one Alex.

  • Stephanie

    You actually think Eby stopped blogging, left Pivot, and started a job with BCCLA so he could sit on a city homelessness panel? God, I thought we’d already hit Peak Wingnut…

  • Ye Shadow knows

    Vancouver kid has a cache in Google that you can
    read his July postings.

    Search “vancouver kid blog
    and click on cache.

    Not entertaining except in an antiseptic forensic way.

  • Wagamuffin


    David obviously wants to play with the big kids, since he didn’t make it on the civic ballot.

    If you were the Mayor, wouldn’t you want him inside the tent, rather than outside, where he could make it a little uncomfortable for you? On such premises are promises made.

    Further, since Pivot isn’t exactly a unifying force in the city, wouldn’t it make sense that if you were a young up-n-comer who wanted some of the power that the current civic government holds (and with party with whom you were happy to throw your hat into the ring rwith) that you would move to more mainstream endeavors in order to keep building your power base?

    Political savvy trumps ideology every time.

    Though I do wonder how he and Jim Chu will get along.

  • Stephanie

    Apparently empty speculation and obvious projection trump knowledgeable commentary just as often. You’re talking out of your ass, dear.

  • Wagamuffin


    Either you are a political virgin , or your Vision rose coloured glasses are clouding any common sense here. Are you teling me that Vision never does deals???

    With apologies to virgins everywhere, btw…

  • Stephanie

    No. I’m quite aware of what Vision does. What I’m saying is that your judgement of Eby is blinded by your (probably warranted) contempt for Vision and your entirely unwarranted contempt for him. The idea that he left Pivot and moved to the BCCLA to “sanitize” himself is laughable.

  • This is why I’m sticking to photography.