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Total votes

September 21st, 2008 · 19 Comments


3746 Raymond Louie

3704 Heather Deal

3271 Tim Stevenson

3248 George Chow

2988 Andrea Reimer

2951 Geoff Meggs

2387 Kerry Jang

2240 Kashmir Dhaliwal

2223 David Eby

2034 Heather Harrison

1717 Catherine Evans

1217 Rey Umlas

1127 Ray Lam

1094 Demitri Douzenis

1031 Vaune Adams Kobler

724 Doug Bencze


2969 Sharon Gregson

2177 Mike Lombardi

2053 Patti Bacchus

1962 Ken Clement

1954 Stepan Vdovine

1881 Narinder Chhina

1846 Helesia Luke

1574 Anastasia Mirras


2602 Sarah Blyth

2242 Constance Barnes

1999 Aaron Jasper

1963 Raj Hundal

1738 Ian Waddell

1453 Tony Kosovic

1261 James Gill

983 Rob Wynen

834 Hadani Ditmars

788 Kevin Neilsen

389 Thomas Lockhart

368 Steve Tannock

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  • Chris

    Disappointed Eby and Harrison didn’t make it. Otherwise, the candidates look great.

  • G

    i hope the recounts are done properly and i hope eby wins on the recount. for me, he was pretty much the only candidate on all three ballots i strongly supported.

  • Masala

    Dido for Eby recount comment – I really hope he gets on the ballot for Vision. He was the main reason I came out to vote!

    Ps: Frances – even tho the comments say 3am+ it’s actually Toronto or (EST time) so they’re coming 3hrs prior. It’s actually 12:41am while I write this (I remember an old post about hard core readers so just wanted to let you know)

  • Eugene

    Eby is a total idiot and fraud not to have run with COPE.

  • oh m y GOD how did dabid eby lose??

  • Yes, I’m sure that if many of Eby’s supporters had not voted for some on the Reimer-endorsed slate, (where everyone suggested got on), handed out outside the nomination voting, the result would be different. Strategic voting should be explained to everyone before the vote.

  • Wagamuffin

    Or maybe the Vision voters find Eby a little to much to the left for their liking?

  • Bill Bargeman

    These results seem to clarify Vision as a more centerist and left-centre party. That’s as it should be. Now that COPE has resolved its own divisions with a resounding endorsement for its left-centre (as opposed to hard left) position, it might look to be a more comfortable home for some of the unsuccessful more left leaning candidates. As a COPE member, I would welcome their paraticipation in a more democratic, open and member run party.

  • TM

    Thanks for the great reporting – shame Eby didn’t get in.


  • Jesse

    Really disappointed about Eby. A little dejected that it was a mere 17 votes between him and the next candidate. We could have used a strong voice like his on council come Olympics time.

  • Bill Bargeman

    Opps, I means more centerist THAN left-centre party.

  • Paul R @ 11:16am–

    I think you’re on to something there…..would be great to hear from Frances (or one of the Visionistas in the know) what the rationale was for forcing folks to go full slate (ie. all 8 for council and 4 each for Parks and School) if they didn’t want their ballot spoiled….


  • Pete E

    Hopefully Eby makes it on the recount. In any case that’s 6 women out of 16 total spots.

  • The no ‘plumping’ rule is a standard for the NDP, COPE and now Vision. I find it to be anti-democratic in that I believe that people should have the opportunity not to vote for someone, if they want to. The results would undoubtedly have been different.

    The people who argue against plumping (and they held the day in Vision) argue some like this: freeing voters from voting for a full slate would allow a minority candidate or group to unduly effect the voting outcome. That is, to vote for only one person when you could have voted for up to four (as in the school board situation) would have created the possibility to ‘take votes’ from other people and elect the least popular candidate (supporters of full slate voting will have a better argument than the one I provided).

    I find it anti-democratic to be forced to vote for a lesser evil or less than desired candidate just to make a full slate and to have my ballot counted.

    That, at any rate, is my 2cents worth.

  • Thanks very much for that Charles.

    I now have a much clearer view of both sides of the argument, except for the following….

    Doesn’t the anti-plumping policy give inordinate power to those candidates who get together and slate-up?

  • Stephen

    Your list of council results omits Andrew Drewberry.

    You should get better help next time.

  • Bart

    David Eby was the best candidate on an impressive slate. The most exciting candidate I have ever had the opportunity to vote for. Fingers crossed on the recount.

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  • “Your list of council results omits Andrew Drewberry.”

    I’ve been trying to figure out who was missing for a bit. Thanks. Any reason for this, Frances?