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Vancouver looks for ways to cut $60 million

September 28th, 2009 · 55 Comments

The city’s big review of how to make operations more efficient has come in, accompanied by the news that Vancouver is facing a possible $60-million shortfall for next year. Groups have been getting brief all day at council about this. Here’s my Globe story and I’ll post a bit more later on, plus I’d love to know what you Kids in the Hall think of all this.

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    . . . and you want to save C$60M?

    Good luck . . .

  • T W

    The implication, as I see it, is that there is a real risk that the development permit source of funds for the city may not recover to the previous 2007 levels and that the present budgeting exercise is but the first salvo in a future ruthless cascade of service decrease and property tax increase.

    Are the golden years for property developers over for the next 4-5 years ?

  • Dawg


    Here is the City’s policy report on the tax burden shift:

  • jesse

    @Sharon, “Province and Feds tax revenue/profit.”

    I understand this. I am questioning the argument that businesses carry an unfair tax burden. There needs to be some mechanism of taxing users of the city’s infrastructure. The list of users includes those who are not necessarily residents and the chosen revenue mechanism is a higher share of the property tax burden on businesses.

  • Billy Bob

    RF is a moron, maybe you should do some more research before you say firefighters dont lose lives while on duty.