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Vancouverites “short-sighted” about EcoDensity

September 24th, 2008 · 1 Comment

While the party of ousted mayor Sam Sullivan wonders how much to bring up the term EcoDensity in the civic election campaign,  the title and concept does have its defenders out there. This article, by local architect Alan Boniface in Canadian Architect, highlights what the defenders like about it — and what their view is of the people who have had problems with it.

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  • Dawn Steele

    Ah, yes, the NIMBYs…

    I suspect at least part of the issue is that in addition to fostering sustainability, the EcoDensity thing could also be misused to justify shoddy development for huge profits. So in order to buy in, you really have to trust that the guys in charge, who are often elected on developer-funded campaigns, are going to be able to focus on the former and not be pressured into the latter.

    With this in mind, I suspect Sam (let’s just forget about the Olympic Village affordable unit requirements) may not have been the best choice to try and carry this particular flag.