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Virus warning

November 8th, 2008 · 1 Comment

Thanks to readers for pointing out to me that there is a well-known virus, disguised as an anti-virus program, that pops up when people try to link to my blog from a Google search. If you just type in, it doesn’t appear — it only seems to come up through the Google link.

I have a technician working on it now. My apologies.

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  • A quick evaluation of your issue would seem to point not to links from Google but links from anywhere. That in turn means there is something intercepting http requests at your web host’s level; any link to your site adds a bit of “referrer” data and it seems that the attacking code is using this to trigger it to action.

    After an all-too brief look on the internet there does seem to be something of a track record of hacks into your web host and some of its subsidiaries, in particular their control panel code. These shared web hosts run a fairly sophisticated piece of code that manages many dozens, often hundreds or even thousands of sites per server. One compromise generally means many more. Given that many hours have gone by and your site still suffers from the cross site linking attack, you should consider whether your hosting firm is up to the task. If a host is that inept, they are not worth sticking with.

    Get a local backup of your *data* – an export from your blogging system; a mirror copy of your blog as is, as a static site if nothing else in case the worst happens. Do this as soon as possible just in case your hosting company does something radical and stupid like erasing/formatting their disk drives and starting over.

    Don’t laugh, I’ve seen bad web hosts do all that and worse.