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Vision candidates want city to take on Clement over Insite

August 28th, 2008 · 2 Comments

Other new candidates for city council may still be enjoying the last of their summer holidays, but a few are out there campaigning like crazy. Vision Vancouver’s Geoff Meggs has been one of the more energetic ones, along with Kerry Jang and Andrea Reimer.

The latest from Meggs and Jang is this statement, calling on the city to go to court with the federal government to protect Insite. (If you’ll recall, Health Minister George Abbott said the province was considering intervening in the case, which is currently going to the B.C. Court of Appeal.)

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  • The province is taking the lead in this, as they should.

    Meggs and Jang are showing exactly how the city would be run under a majority Vision slate – wasting time and money on issues the city has no control over. Pretending to be MLA’s instead of city councillors – and spending provincial size budgets also.

  • Grumpy

    Insite has been a failure, the Vancouver East side is a disgrace, yet the elites, special interest groups and politically naive still want Insite.

    Treatment is the need and where is that? Nowhere, nada, not on anyones radar screen. It seems cheap needles for addicts is cheaper than treating the addiction.