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Vision councillor Kerry Jang makes it official: He’s not running again

January 23rd, 2018 · 4 Comments

Got this note from Councillor Kerry Jang yesterday, confirming what city-hall people have been hearing for a while, which is that he won’t be running again. Not a surprise, as he has a busy second life as a psychiatry professor at UBC. Jang has been Vision’s point man on issues like shelters, marijuana dispensaries and mental health.

He’s been away from the hall recently because, as he says, his father died recently. (The Vancouver Sun obituary for Leslie Jang included a lovely picture of the young Mr. Jang.)

I am retiring from city hall after a decade of service.  I told Gregor when I ran in the last election that this was to be my last term as several talented people wanted the opportunity to run in the future.  I’m keeping that promise to them.
I meant to let people know this earlier but my Dad’s illness and subsequent passing, and my daughter’s move to Hong Kong University has kept me distracted.  My Dad’s funeral was yesterday.
This all means that the last two Vision soldiers who will be standing for the 2018 election (barring any new announcements) are Raymond Louie and Heather Deal. Sea change.

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  • Norman12

    The polls must be really bad.

  • A Taxpayer

    Great. Vision is folding and leaving the city in a mess:

    – promised to end homelessness which only attracted more homeless people from the rest of Canada resulting in an increase in the homeless count.

    – refused to enforce the laws concerning the sale of pot by licensing storefront operations (and tolerating those retailers who couldn’t get a license) and we end up with an open drug market on Robson street for months. Where do they think the pot is sourced from and can’t they connect the dots between tolerating the illegal sale of pot and gun violence between gangs?

    – adding another bike lane taking away yet another lane for cars while Translink is trying to convince people road pricing is about reducing congestion on the roads and not just another tax grab (which it is).

    Council is populated with lame ducks and there is no way they should be approving any new initiatives for the balance of their term.

  • Scott Parker

    So… *sigh* What does this lead us to for the election? I’m working out my thoughts more or less as I write, below.

    Presumably Vision – also known as the Secrecy and Obedience, Use The Chumps Then Dump Them, Party – will run Louie, whom I suspect has always been the one making the actual policy decisions(*), for mayor, with Heather Deal, possibly Catherine Evans and then a raft of relative unknowns for council. (*There is an old saying, “If two men agree on everything, you may be sure that one of them is doing the thinking.” That certainly seems to fit Vision to a ‘T,’ since there never seems to be the slightest hint of any disagreement or even discussion/decision on issues between their representatives, much less general members.)

    The NPA – at one point the Extreme Anger and Chicken Shunning [tip of the pen to Frances] Party but now returned to its roots as The Mild Anger and Business As Usual Party – will presumably run De Genova, Bremner and a full slate of others for council. For mayor, I couldn’t guess.

    The Greens – the Party With An Awesome Name But No Clearly Set Beliefs Other Than A General Inclination Towards Capitalist Solutions And A Tendency, In Meetings, To Tell People Who Disagree With Them That They Are Like The Nazis – will run Carr, the eternal Pete Fry, maybe Janet Fraser (though likely she will stay at School Board) and several others.

    Then there will be a fairly full cast from COPE – the If It’s Worth Discussing It’s Worth Virulently Attacking Each Other Over Party…and another large group from OneCity – the Cadman Memorial We Don’t Care If We Have Any Actual Say As Long As We Get Titles And A Travel Budget, Or Bottom Line At Least Keep Tim Louis From Having The Slightest Say In Anything, Permanent Minority, City Employees’ Union Approved Vision Stalking Horse Party (*gasp for breath*). Be interesting to see if the Reformed Angry Chicken Shunning Party or the Angry Anti-Transexual Rights Party that calved off/were kicked out of the NPA will show up again, but I doubt they will play any more actual role in the outcome/vote splitting than the Jamie Lee Hamilton Party or other perennial candidates.

    So, the result? I would guess at this early point there will be a clear NPA majority and mayor, with the remainder split between Greens and Vision. Maybe one member from COPE depending on whom they recruit (e.g. if Jean Swanson formally represents them) or OneCity, again depending on whom they recruit and whether they return to the Cadman-era COPE practice of formally working under Vision. In the end, though, the vote split between the putatively leftish Greens and the three parties of varying leftishness that have split from COPE at different points will probably greatly limit any of these four from defeating the NPA, which is more or less unopposed on the rightish side of the spectrum.

  • peakie

    And to Scott Parker’s comments, not a clever acronym out of all the Mulligatawny Hash of names you labelled parties/factions with.
    Still there is lots of time for that.