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We must all give thanks …

October 14th, 2008 · 1 Comment

… that most of us got to have a couple of days without having to hear any more news that the world is coming to an end, in a financial sense. I still find it kind of strange to be bombarded with talk shows and headlines saying this bank or that country has failed and yet my day still goes on as usual: Work 18 hours, eat cafeteria food for lunch and take-out for dinner. Watch money come in and go out of our account as the usual rates. Worry about the leak in the hose leading from my furnace pump. Surely if the financial crisis is that bad, we should go be able to go outside and see all those trillions of dollar bills swirling around in the air.

Happy Thanksgiving. Back on the job tomorrow.

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  • Had this whole event not happened in an election year (both sides of the border), I think the media coverage would have been more balanced about what the economic and financial troubles mean, and do not. Every politician has tried to make political hay out of it. Few of them have a clue what they are talking about. And the media plus campaign adds dwell on every statement.

    I’ve been compiling an economic forecast for Canada, working with top economists, and what is remarkable is how stable the Canadian economic situation appears to be. As you say, your paycheque comes in, you spend it as usual, your day is as per usual. No reason to panic.