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Wendy Ladner-Beaudry developments

April 7th, 2009 · 7 Comments

For those following this story closely — and many are, feeling that it’s a turning point in the city’s sense of safety as well as a huge personal tragedy — Councillor Suzanne Anton plans to make a brief statement honouring Wendy and her contribution to the city at council today at 2. That should be on Shaw Cable.

As well, RCMP are organizing a news conference for 3 p.m. today, saying they have a “significant development” to announce.

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  • A. G. Tsakumis

    The press conference was a non-event, with respect to it being “significant” (police quote) enough to provide the Dunbar neighbourhood comfort or relief: This may NOT be a random killing and no one has been ruled out as a suspect for now….

    VERY disconcerting and troubling to say the least.

    And after listening to Suzanne’s comments today and yesterday, I am pleased that she has finally realized the monumental body of charity and public service that the Ladner family have committed themselves to, over the course of their lives. Reviewed, even piecemeal, it’s an incredibly impressive body of work.

    Wendy’s stellar accomplishments notwithstanding, Suzanne’s reference to Peter’s accomplishments was also noted.

    Too bad she couldn’t have brought herself to do that during the campaign, when it would have been honest and courageous, as opposed to now when it’s obligatory.

  • jaymac

    AGT. – how about a little respect for the victim. Somehow I doubt that she would want your personal issue with Suzanne A. being mixed up with her tragic death.

    Let’s remember the good and leave the personal fewds to some other venue.

  • A. G. Tsakumis


    This story, as outlined by the owner of this blog, is about Suzanne’s statement and “developments”, which I was there to personally hear.

    There is another posting below where many have appropriately memorialized an amazing woman.

    No feud with Suzanne: I think she is entirely capable, but disingenuous.

    Don’t even start with me. I remembered the good in a previous post and was quite open about Darcy Magee’s insensitivity, but that post somehow got lost. I’ve received almost a dozen emails from people far closer to Peter than I, who felt my comments on this issue were/are not only appropriate, but spot on. Spare me.

    Don’t make the mistake others do and think that Frances’ blog represents a majority of anything.

    She posts, we respond or add.

  • Larry McLaren

    “I’ve received almost a dozen emails from people far closer to Peter than I, who felt my comments on this issue were/are not only appropriate, but spot on. ”

    This is reminiscent of the classic defense – “I have friends who are gay/black/jewish/first nations, etc etc etc.”

    Either produce the evidence or shut it Alex.

  • A. G. Tsakumis

    Larry–You’d like me to produce confidential notes from people who have stated very personal things about the investigation and Wendy herself, their admiration for their friends the Ladners and their disdain for certain limp-wristed comments on this blog, plus their kudos to me for what I wrote?

    That’s pretty weak old boy.

    If you do not like me or what I wrote, that’s great, but try not to come across as some sanctimonious wannabe. Perry Mason was as fictional as your demand. You know better than to ask for something you yourself would never dream of releasing were you to read what I did.

    Others were put off in a previous stream because they know that I am an advocate of the death penalty–for violent crimes, particularly crimes against women. I feel identically about the fate of fiddlers of children.

    I’m sorry that you want me to betray a confidence (a whole series of them) but I ‘ve never done that and never will.

    Why don’t you just wait until the end of this all ?When you hear details (and, no, I do not have them all), you judge how angry you should be that someone as wonderful as Wendy Ladner -Beauvry was brutally killed and what we as a society should be doing to stop such savagery.

    That’s the OVERWHELMING sentiment of those who wrote me. People are naturally angry and hurt. And they want justice. All I did was start that discussion.

    At some point, people have to understand that moments in time, such as these, are opportunities for people to express themselves.

    Some did so privately, and others, publicly.

    You cannot demand that everyone fits into your world as you see it.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  • Larry McLaren

    I don’t see the point behind you bringing up the issue of your support Alex.
    Either your claims are sound enough to stand on their own or they’re not. I don’t see what you saying “I’ve heard from blah blah blah…” adds.
    That’s gasbagging in my experience. Using “support” from unknown quarters to provide “evidence” of the soundness your position.
    It’s bullshit.

    You’re “serializing the sizzle” – not something I’d think a journalist would want to be credited as doing.
    Then again – you’re not really a journalist – are you?

    Incidentally – my wife supports me posting comments, the cat is sleepily purring away while I type (indicating her obvious pleasure with this comment) and my dog, right at this very moment, is wagging his tail. So yeah Alex, I’ve got “support” too.

  • A. G. Tsakumis

    Larry–after you stated “I (you) don’t see the point…”, everything else you wrote is fuelled by your dislike for me and makes no sense as either fair or lucid commentary to my previous. Did I mention lucid?

    Comparing several people who thought my comments here relating to the brutal nature of Wendy’s killing with your bloody cat, sounds like about your speed.

    Incidentally, don’t curl up with your dog anytime soon, the fleas would be in a conflict of interest.