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What will it be like to live in Vancouver’s new green buildings?

May 24th, 2017 · 4 Comments

There’s been a huge focus in recent months on Vancouver’s plan to move to a zero-emissions building code, but mainly on one aspect of it, the impact on natural gas.

But what else will look and feel different as Vancouver moves to its new, unique building code? I talked to people who have built condo towers and single-family homes to ask them about what stays the same and what doesn’t. My story is here.

For those unclear about what’s happening, any multi-family projects requiring a rezoning had to start meeting the new code as of May 1. Next phase coming next year. Ultimately, all new buildings will need to meet the code by 2030.

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  • Norman12

    Can’t read your article without buying a subscription.

  • Frances Bula

    I’ve now posted the text at the end of the story — and don’t worry about paying. We journalists can live on air. 🙂

  • Look Deeper

    We do not need the City to tell us how to build our houses and dictate how we live our lives. If such super-energy efficient houses are such a good thing, I believe we will demand such homes and the market will build them. The City has no mandate to regulate to this level.

    Banning natural gas must be one of the most poorly thought out initiatives in recent memory. Gas is a much more efficient way of providing heating than electricity. Using electricity for heating is like buying a Formula-One race car to go to the store to buy groceries.

    This is a civic government run amok.

  • peakie

    Of course you can.
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