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What’s your fantasy new transit project for the NEXT 10-year plan?

March 6th, 2017 · 6 Comments

Okay, we haven’t even started on the major projects for this 10-year plan (Broadway subway, Surrey LRT, new Pattullo Bridge).

But that doesn’t mean people aren’t thinking about the 10 years after that already. I was at a transportation conference at the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade last Friday where, as moderator, I got to ask all the transit/transportation nerd questions I wanted. Plus some from my Twitter followers.

Something that came up more than once in the back and forth was: What’s next? (Prompted considerably by discussion this past week of a possible new transit crossing to the North Shore, raised by NV City Mayor Darrell Mussatto.) CEO Kevin Desmond said they’re starting to plan for the inevitable next wave already, so it’s not too soon for YOU to start thinking.

I put that question out to Twitter followers afterward — what do you want to see next? It was fun to see the responses. Here are some of them.



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  • boohoo

    Subway Commercial along Broadway-UBC

    Subway UBC-Joyce/Metrotown along 41st.

    Subway North shore-Downtown-Kits-Broadway

    Subway Hastings-Burnaby somewhere.

    Subway Surrey Central-Langley

    Light rail Jericho-Granville Island-Olympic Village-Downtown.

    Light rail up Arbutus to Cambie/Marine station.

    Light rail up Main.

    Light rail up Nanaimo.

    Light rail from Westminster-Steveston.

    Light rail from Newton-White Rock (assumes L line in Surrey built)

    Light rail Langley-Maple Ridge.

    Rail to Whistler.

    Rail to Ferry.

    Gondola up to SFU.

    High speed rail to Seattle/Portland.

    BRT all over the place.

    Separated bike lanes all over the place.
    Mobi all over the place.
    Carshare all over the place.

    That’d be a good start.

  • francesbula

    Whoa, this is the most ambitious and expensive list I’ve seen so far. But, who knows, by this time in 2117 …

  • boohoo

    Ha–hey you said fantasy 🙂

  • penguinstorm

    Hyperloop! Kelowna to Vancouver!

  • Kenji

    What a list. If I had to add something to it that you have not got already, maybe inductive charging stations or some other tech that can automatically power up the electrics on the road. No more range anxiety, at least not in town.

  • ZweiSystem

    After the $3 billion+ Broadway subway; the $2.5 billion plus Surrey LRT and the $1 billion+ Patullo Bridge, oh yes, let us not forget that pesky $2 billion to $3 billion renewal of the Expo and Millennium Lines to increase capacity past 15,000 pphpd., TransLink will be bankrupt and privatized.