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White Rock councillor loses seat over lies

May 26th, 2009 · 3 Comments

Well, this ought to raise some eyebrows around the region — and lead to some soul-searching as people launch their municipal election campaigns two and a half years from now. A White Rock councillor is losing his seat after the court determined that he had won improperly, as this story from the Surrey Now details.

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  • Darcy McGee

    Ridiculous. Courts shouldn’t have the ability to overturn a fairly held, democratic election. The never should have heard the case.

    If you can file a court challenge against an election result on the basis of “the candidate lied” it opens the door to the courts being able to hear virtually any case, since “lying” can often be a subjective issue.

    It’s a slippery slope from here to Canada being the Florida of the north…electorally speaking.

    The voters voted. There’s recall legislation (does it apply civically???) if they want recourse. If the voters voted for a liar, they got what they voted for.

  • A. G. Tsakumis


    James Coleridge’s fraud was not your garden-variety fib.

    I distributed a document, under entirely false pretenses, which likely diminished the likelihood of other candidates’ success.

    Essentially, he cheated. That is a HUGE issue with anyone who understands the very basis of democracy and fairness.

  • A. G. Tsakumis

    Clearly, the above posting should read “he distributed a document…”

    Frankly, the more I think about it the more it makes sense that the judge toss him.