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Who really exercises more? Walking city dwellers or gardening burbers

April 15th, 2009 · 2 Comments

I’ll be talking on CBC’s The Point this afternoon about the ongoing research into what parts of our environment get us walking — the shape of our neighbourhoods, the transit we take and so on. There’s been a lot of research in recent years basically saying people in the suburbs walk less and are less physically fit. But a new study says that those burb people are getting more exercise than we think. And not everyone in the city is a walking champion.

I’ll be on around 2:45

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  • On May 10th, I will be joining dozens of researchers from across Canada in Calgary, who are being brought together by the Heart and Stroke Foundation, to review a variety of research papers addressing health and the environment.

    Millions of dollars are being spent on this work, much of it in British Columbia, so hopefully in the coming years we will have many more definitive studies to assess whether much of the current research is a myth or reality.

  • fbula

    We’ll be waiting to hear more. The Stats Can study was interesting because it did do a little myth-busting.