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Who will Kevin Falcon become?

December 6th, 2009 · 24 Comments

That’s the question I was left with in my head after spending a few weeks pondering and researching the new health minister.

What do you think? Here’s my story on him in BCBusiness this month.

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  • Chris

    In an ideal world, he becomes unemployed and moves far, far away from B.C..

  • sv

    Hairdressing school model.

  • Big Eagle

    A New-Age kind of man. Caring yet Autocratic . The Health Portfolio will be his Waterloo.

  • flowmass

    Fer gawwd’s sake. Falcon is an admirer of Reagan and Thatcher!!!! Look what they and their followers did to the world!!!

  • In 2009 I’d have thought he could find more current right-wing crackpots to idolize than Thatcher and Reagan

  • spartikus

    In 2009 I’d have thought he could find more current right-wing crackpots to idolize than Thatcher and Reagan

    George W. Bush? Dick Cheney? Newt Gingrich? Glenn Beck?

    It’s not by choice they have to look so far back, (despite the fact the seeds of the current economic crisis were planted by Thatcher/Reagan).

  • gmgw

    Dust. Like the rest of us. Some, ideally, sooner rather than later.

  • Bill Smolick

    A complete douche with a bad haircut?

    Oh…wait…mission accomplished!

  • Joe Just Joe

    I’m not surprised by the comments so far, in BC blog land he’s second on the most hated list behind only Gordon Campbell.
    Pretty sure you knew the type of feedback you’d get by posting this, so I’m not sure what the point was. Certainly there has to be more then just to get hits as your blog is already one of the most popular.

  • sv

    Maybe just because. Or maybe to give us the link to her story.

  • Glissando Remmy

    The Thought of the Day

    “Being in government for so many years, a triple E (Excitingly Erotic Experience) might just be your worry. When one starts loving his own image in the mirror, it’s not a matter “Who” would that one in power become, but it’s a matter of “When” he will come, to be!”

    As for the answer to your rhetoric,
    I’ve anagrammed the little prick.
    Flak Connive, Flank Novice or Novena Flick
    Sit back, relax and take your pick!

    We live in Vancouver and this keeps us busy.

  • grounded

    A much too late convert to transportation demand management (

  • grounded
  • Frances Bula

    Hmm, I posted it and asked the question for two reasons.

    1. I post all of my stories and often invite feedback.

    2. I guess I imagined there would be a somewhat more high-level discussion.

  • Joseph Jones

    FB: “That’s the question I was left with in my head … ”

    Nothing like a question in the head. I speak from personal experience.

  • I notice the references to Falcon and crank in the same sentence. A coincidence, I suppose.

    Falcon is like the Campbell brothers. They grew up as spectators to wealth and now worship money beyond all else. Odd, the people he regards as worthy of his admiration. Murray Pezim, Bennett, Thatcher, Reagan? Which of those people would have spent time in jail if laws of common people applied to them?

    If you worship money and operate without ethics and morality, I suppose you are bound to have a different set of heroes that most of us. Trouble is that Campbell and Falcon, in their naive lust, are giving away public assets, not their own. They are so in thrall to the rich and powerful, that they are pushovers every time they are instructed to assume the position, again.

  • Joe Just Joe

    Glad to see the site is back up.

    I am happy you linked to the story as I might have otherwise missed it. I think that you were being just a touch naive though in even hoping for a high level discussion on this subject.

    Anyways let me put on my flame suit and state that I feel Mr. Falcon did a good job as transportation minister and got a lot of things done. He appears to be made of teflon and that will bode well for him if he remains in his current line of work.

  • Lewis N. Villegas

    When I contacted the Transportation Minister’s office by e-mail very early on in what would become the Gateway project, I got back an e-mail response (good) containing several factual errors (not good).

  • Dee

    re: I guess I imagined there would be a somewhat more high-level discussion. F. Bula

    Hmmm – about a man who admires Thatcher and Regan? I’m not sure that ‘high-level’ has any part in Mr. Falcon’s being who he is, what he aspires to be, or in any part of his interactions with people. I have heard from people who have ‘negotiated’ with him on a variety of issues, that the word ‘discussion’ is a one-way street.

    Perhaps I read people like you to help us find the ‘higer-level’ thinking that might be occurring somewhere in Mr. Falcon’s mind, because its not obvious to me.

  • Bill Lee

    Blocked by the cloud of vi***a adverts here earlier, I couldn’t post my pentultimate comment that Fabula expects people to be married at birth, evidenced by this piece on the last e-page ” after almost half a century of bachelorhood, [he] got married ”

    Falcon is only 46, and what did someone expect for the first 20 or 30 years?

    I’m not surprised that he brings out the venom in people, but where is he in caucus or cabinet daily sitting next to Gordon, that he reflects Gordon’s views on a daily basis? How is this possible?
    Do party and “private” donations come in because of Falcon’s pleadings?
    And my ultimate question: Writing for that proto-fascist Peter Legge’s magazine!!? I know that there are not a lot of markets around, but really, who would support that office coffee- table staple from Canada-Wide publications?

  • Stephanie

    I knew that whole crew up at SFU. As a general rule, the Young Socreds were jerks – the only thing they cared about was political power, and they would do anything, no matter how unprincipled, to get it. Women who ran against them for student council positions often got an especially difficult time of it.

    Mike Sporer was an exception: he was a decent person who treated people with respect and was willing to engage with his opponents politically. He also had a sense of humour, a rarity in that crowd.

    Falcon is a brittle ideologue who will do whatever is necessary to gain power. He loves Thatcher because that’s his kind of politics – breaking unions isn’t just “principled”, it’s *fun*. Victory is good; completely destroying your opponent is better.

    I don’t buy that he’s “softened”. I think he’s become a more adept politician. Campbell wants him to take public health care to pieces or die trying. For Campbell, it’s a win-win situation.

    Oh, just to bring the level of conversation to the basement – when he ran for council he hand-designed ‘Falcon’ logos, with his name in the middle and stylized lines out of the sides representing wings.

    Meanwhile, do not get me started about Christy Clark.

  • Bill Smolick

    Christie Clark is hot.

  • Bill Lee

    Christie Clark, [incompleted degree] was the “stubby beer bottle that walks,” according to The Peak student newspaper observers.
    [ ]
    Most student councils have very short terms and the ‘effects’ don’t carry over much.
    I’d read more into Falcon’s 6 years in insurance and mortgaged real estate before college, and his 3 brothers than a student council stint.

  • jamie

    How about WHo COuld He BEcome…?? I like Kevin, I think he has done a very good job,,,I think he is a go-getter and understands what was important with regards to the highway system (The automobile isnt going away – just how its powered….)…Now that he is in health.,.. I want to “Chat” with him or atleast (have you FB – get his opinion on a few things…)
    THere are things occuring right now that are afffecting the health of Canadians…Diabetes 1/10ppl by 2020, and Cancer is getting out of control…..What can government do to help alleviate this – and save health $$ in the longterm…(by preventing the number of cases)
    Kevin needs to learn about Food—and I know this sounds cooky…but its not….Go to YouTUbe and watch the 10 part series,,,THe WOrld ACCording to MONSANTO…. Watch the MOvie “FOOD inc” Learn what is happening – “out there” chemicals are being sprayed on Genetically Modified Crops -the run off is everywhere ,peoples exposure is high , Our diets are unhealthy – causing numerous ailments /
    We need someone in govt to create laws that require Gene.Mod.Food be labellled…consumers need this choice…and “Spray Proof Crops” should not be allowed in Canada……I challenge anyone to watch either of the 2 shows referenced above and not want to start a revolution…..Food inc is in video stores / the 10part series is on Youtube.