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First attack ad appears in civic race

October 21st, 2008 · 6 Comments

The Non-Partisan Association was first out with the billboards and a pleasant slogan that’s something like “For a greener, safer, more affordable city vote for Peter Ladner and his team.” (I can never quite catch all the words as I’m driving past.) At any rate, I know it’s nice and positive and doesn’t mention EcoDensity or Sam Sullivan.

I arrived home today to my first mailer, this one from Vision Vancouver. It shows a picture of city hall and then a picture of a man sleeping on the street, with the headline “PETER LADNER VOTED TO CUT THE HOMELESS ACTION PLAN” followed by “The NPA isn’t doing enough here (over city hall pic) to help here (sleeping man). THE NPA HAS FAILED VANCOUVER.

The other side is a little more upbeat. ONLY YOU CAN CHANGE VANCOUVER and accompanying talk about leadership and action. I can hardly wait for my mail tomorrow.

For those of you reading this immediately, by the way, I’m off to the debate tonight between the two mayoral candidates at the planetarium.  So you can go out and enjoy yourselves, safe in the knowledge that I’ll be your eyes and ears.

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