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One more NPA council candidate; one more Vision

August 12th, 2008 · No Comments

I’ve just had it confirmed that David Lee, a retired HSBC vice-president, will be running for the NPA council slate. Lee had been considering running strongly enough that he went out with NPA mayoral candidate Peter Ladner to some functions on Saturday but hadn’t decided at that point. But now he’s in. Still no word on Syrus Lee of the Chinatown BIA or the Indo-Canadian candidate (suggestions on who that might be gratefully accepted), also said to be considering. That brings the number of council candidates up to seven now, counting the five already nominated (Suzanne Anton, Kim Capri, Elizabeth Ball, Michael Geller, Korina Houghton), Lee, and Lenore Copeland.

There’s some confusion, btw, on when the actual deadline is for candidate nominations. The party’s website says it’s tomorrow (one month in advance of the nomination vote) but apparently that deadline might only apply to memberships, not nominations. News to come.

On the Vision side, yet another council candidate (current count, including incumbents, now up to 10 not counting the new guy, is Ray Lam, a young Chinese guy who is involved with several gay organizations in town. They’re going to have to start renting school gymnasiums soon to hold all the Vision candidates.

And, my mistake, deadline for Vision candidate nominations is Sept. 5 not Aug. 20, as I previously blog-reported.

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