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Cost-cutting memo expected at city hall by end of week

February 10th, 2009 · 28 Comments

We (my, myself and I) hear there are lots of rumblings about what the new economic chill at city hall is going to mean. City manager Penny Ballem is apparently moving at lightning speed to push the trimming plan into action asap. That means that, by the end of the week, staff are expecting more detailed announcements on what hiring freezes mean (i.e. just new positions, anything that’s currently in competition, etc), what kinds of services might start to be shared among the now separate fiefdoms of city hall, police, library and parks, and so on.

Accounting, human resources, communications and other service departments, which are now maintained separately, are the kinds of departments that might become shared. As well, the announcement later this week will also make it clear whether people who have already been offered jobs will get to take them (likely) and whether current competitions will be allowed to continue to hiring (unlikely).

As you can imagine, unhappy employees are coming up with their own suggestions for saving money. One that I’ve heard is making the rounds: Trim the fleet cars, largely used by management and supervisors who are allowed to take them home. Instead, those people can drive their own cars and be paid mileage.

Anonymous city employees are welcome to post more suggestions here.

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