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Manager of sustainability group bows out at Vancouver city hall

January 6th, 2010 · 18 Comments

Several sources have notified me that Melina Scholefield, the one-time manager of the city’s sustainability group, is packing it in at city hall.

(Here’s the official blurb on her job:

Melina Scholefield
Manager of Sustainability
Melina manages the Sustainability Group, a branch of the City dedicated to climate protection, green architecture, active transportation, sustainable systems and bringing sustainability to all aspects of running and building the city.)

For those who don’t recall, Melina was given the job of managing after former sustainability leader Tom Osdoba, in some kind of weird, never-completely-explained contretemps with the city, left in 2006 and went back to Portland from when he had come. Osdoba, in the previous administration, pushed hard to have the Olympic village be a model of green, which led to some famous tussles at the hall between him and the Village People.

I’ll be surprised if they replace Melina, given that the new deputy city manager, Sadhu Johnston, was hired for his super-green credentials and will be leading the move post-Olympics to put some flesh on the abstract bones of the city’s green plans.

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