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Does a developer going through a rezoning also have to go through the development-permit process?

Question: Do you know, if a developer is going through rezoning, do they also have to go through the entire development permit process or is it combined?

Answer: Hmm, a tricky one. I checked with my Valuable City Hall Sources and they said … it depends.  Some, like Rental 100 projects or laneways, are combined. Others are not. But sometimes they don’t go to the development-permit board, they go to a staff committee.

Apparently it depends on the level of detail that was provided in the rezoning process. Recently some buildings in East Fraserlands were approved through rezoning, but there were no real details about what the buildings would look like (other than general mass and height) so they will go to the board.

Complex projects or anything where the community has weighed in, whether they are rezonings or not, go to the board. More straightforward projects go to a staff committee.

If you have a more specific questions about a particular project, I can try to find out more.