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$1.5 million for Burrard bike-lane trial

April 29th, 2009 · 52 Comments

Weirdly, the long-awaited report on the Burrard bike-lane trial is available on Councillor Geoff Meggs’ website here but it’s not available on the city website yet. This will likely fuel [yet more] speculation in certain quarters that Commissar Meggs is secretly running city hall, though I suspect it’s just he got the report along with other councillors before it was posted to the website and decided to put it up.

Okay, on to the report. So staff seem to be throwing it into the laps of councillors to decide whether it will be a one-lane or two-lane trial. No date is set for starting that I can see and, in fact, one option is to delay doing anything until further reports in September. And the estimated cost is $1.5 million, with a quarter million of that to go into a heavy-duty communications plan since many people are convinced that the trial in 1996 failed because of poor communications.

Well, this ought to be an interesting hot potato. I invite your comments on what intriguing facts or comments you see in Jerry Dobrovolny’s report. He does note repeatedly that the bike lane has the potential to save the city a lot of money, since the current bill for repairing the Burrard Bridge is $63 million, of which $35 million of that is to widen the sidewalks to give more room to cyclists. He also has all kinds of stats on bike use on the bridge.

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