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311 in Toronto scores with low wait times; Vancouver not so much

March 25th, 2010 · 11 Comments

Toronto is celebrating six months of 311 service and bragging about their low wait times and popularity. Vancouver’s 311 appears to be equally popular in its early stages — it gets half as many calls as Toronto does in a city that is population-wise 1/5 the size, but average wait times are considerably longer, as Daniel Fontaine found when he FOI’d the performance report.

What is the problem? I for one would like to know, as I still keep hearing complaints from people that they have to spend ridiculous amounts of time on the phone waiting. My one and only personal experience with 311 has been good — a call about garbage dumped in the back alley that was taken after only a relatively short wait and a truck came by the next day to pick the stuff up. But others I talk to say they wait a long time, find their calls routed to strange departments, and don’t get to form the same kind of bond with the actual person dealing with the problem that they used to.

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