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Vancouver viaducts on the road to demolition, to be replaced by park, housing, new roads

October 7th, 2015 · 205 Comments

Media got a snap invite yesterday morning to attend a “technical briefing” about the viaducts. It turned out to be not so technical, as there were still quite a few details missing (no answers to: when will exactly the park be built, are there hard targets for affordable housing, how much extra density will Concord Pacific get under the no-viaducts plan; no detailed spreadsheet on how development fees and land sales will finance the $200-million project). It was more about the grand ideas and the possibilities and much use of the word “city-building.”

But we still get a bit more information: $100 million for a new commuter route east of Main (not decided whether it’s Malkin or National); likelihood that the engineers will create a two-way street along BC Place; more sense of how the roads will be configured; confirmation that the viaducts will come down all at once, not in phases, etc.

My Globe story is here. City information is here. An open house and a Reddit AMA coming up for the public.

Oh, and here is the staff report on the viaducts, which is more informative than the PowerPoints etc. provided yesterday.

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