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A greenway in the middle of the Granville Street bridge: useful or just symbolic?

June 20th, 2012 · 80 Comments

Amid the 187 recommendations in the Transportation 2040 plan, I missed the idea of creating a greenway in the middle of the Granville Bridge, which I gather would run from Sixth Avenue on the south side to Drake on the north side.

There seem to be rendered images floating around here and there, which I’m guessing are from the city but somehow not attached to their Transportation 2040 information page. Here’s one.

Anyway, I’m wondering what everyone thinks of this. Is it actually useful to have people jog over to the middle of Granville for part of their journey and then jog out again? Or is this something that’s more in the nature of a big advertisement for a green Vancouver that doesn’t really add much to the cycling network?

I truly have no idea what the opinions are out there. I’m still recovering from the sudden discovery that the cycling lobby is opposed to mandatory bike-helmet laws, saying they discourage cycling — a debate I hadn’t heard a word of in the last five years of cycling arguments until this whole issue of mandatory helmet laws and the bikeshare system arose recently. So now I feel as though I don’t know how anyone feels about anything.



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