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A look back in history: CityPlan is finalized December 1994

October 20th, 2014 · No Comments

Kinda scary, but apparently I was covering CityPlan 20 years ago. A look back in time at some of the real debates going on.


Reaction to city’s urban-village vision of the future not all neighborly: [FINAL C Edition]

Bula, FrancesView Profile. The Vancouver Sun [Vancouver, B.C] 06 Dec 1994: B3.

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Twenty thousand people participated to come up with what appears to be the final conclusion, at least as it shows up in surveys and questionnaires: Most people in Vancouver are willing to take in the 160,000 new residents calculated as the city’s share of the growth predicted to the year 2021 for the Greater Vancouver region. And if they have to take them in, they’d rather have them absorbed by building up about 20 urban villages in the city, rather than using up industrial land or spreading them out through Vancouver.

The burr under the saddle here is people like [Eleanor Riddell], Charles Dobson, Mel Lehan, Jan Pierce, Ron Hawkes, Gillian Watson-Donald and others. They’re worried about how fair the CityPlan process was and, more important, how much control neighborhoods will really have over development.

Some, like Pierce and Riddell, feel railroaded by the city. “There’s some concern that CityPlan was driven by projections that Vancouver would have to absorb a certain number of people,” said Riddell, who got involved with city planning through her neighborhood group, the Cartier Hudson Athlone Team. “I sat in as a facilitator at some meetings and certainly at the end of it, there was a feeling that we were driven to absorb more than what some people wanted.”


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