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A round-up of the stories about 105 Keefer

November 27th, 2017 · No Comments

Catching up on posting some stories here, so that this blog can continue to be a useful archive.

As we all know, the development-permit board made a historic decision on Nov. 6, with a 2-1 vote by the city’s top officials to reject the proposal.

Although I and many other reporters had written that there was a previous rejection of a project in 2005, that project in fact ended up going ahead. As former city staffer Phil Mondor discovered, it even proceeded with the same identifier number. So, in fact, there had never been a project turned down by the DP board since it was created in the 1970s.

I have three stories here: one noting in advance that it was going to be a historic decision either way according to former DP board members and city planning directors, one about the decision itself, and one follow-up a few days later, with more from city planning manager Gil Kelley and the site owners. (Headline was a little off because it says the developer will be revising the project but, in fact, Beedie people hadn’t decided yet.)

I’ve run into more than one former city planner since then who says that there is no way the city is not going to get sued over this. (Some people think that that won’t happen, not because the developer doesn’t have some grounds, but because he won’t want to alienate the city.) This story is not over yet.

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