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A Seattle view on reducing parking: less is more

June 12th, 2009 · 4 Comments

One more take on the issue of parking reduction in cities, here from Seattle. I should note, given my current location, that the parking rates throughout Paris are a flat 2 euros an hour (about $3.25) — not that exorbitant, surprisingly.

I believe the rate on Hornby, where I park regularly is $4 an hour. And Hornby doesn’t have anywhere near the cute cafes that I’m seeing here.

But Paris is more effective at limiting parking by simply not having a lot of it. I’ve driven and parked in Paris before, but definitely opted not to this time because it just seemed like too much of a hassle, not because it was exorbitantly expensive. That decision is confirmed for me as a good one every time I look at the traffic gridlock.

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