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Aircare-free vehicles start to pop up in Vancouver Craigslist

January 12th, 2015 · 2 Comments

I really related to this story, since my old clunker of a ’98 Chevy Venture did not pass its last AirCare test last year, forcing me to spend a few hundred dollars to get that dashboard light to go off.

So, as the story says, (for those of you for whom clicking on a link is just too time-consuming), Metro Vancouver air-quality staff are noticing more old cars, cars whose owners cheerfully note that they haven’t passed AirCare, are starting to show up in the ads. A quick search in Craigslist was all it took for them and me to find them.

Now, they’re wondering if this is going to mean the return of the beater to the roads. Shurely not a Cuba-style automobile demographic, I’m thinking, but perhaps a few more vans like my ancient Chevy. (It’s gone now, btw.)

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