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An uplifting start to the day: Obama at the Rio on Broadway

January 20th, 2009 · 7 Comments

Just back from the early-morning gathering at the Rio Theatre on Broadway, where an eclectic crowd of us  watched Obama’s inauguration, with lots of young kids cheering and then oldies like us sniffling and tearing up. 

People were in such a feel-good mood that they didn’t even boo when George Bush appeared at various points on the screen and the whole crowd in the theatre stood up for Obama’s actual swearing in, in solidarity with the crowds in Washington and Pasadena and Chicago.

Former city councillor Nancy Chiavario was sitting behind me and whispered to me at one point that she found the whole day so amazing, considered that she had once been kicked off a city bus in Houston for giving up her seat to a black person not so so many years ago.

The speech? Well, everyone else will weigh in but it was inspirational. The best kind of message to the people, Churchillian really, calling on people to be their best at this time of crisis and sending out a message of peace to the Muslim world.

Yikes, I’m going to start choking up again if I keep writing so I’ll stop here.

I hope this afternoon’s council meeting, where we all get to hear about the way forward for the Olympic village, can be one-tenth as inspiring.

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