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Another fire hits Main and Broadway area

December 25th, 2009 · 9 Comments

Well, I was going to do a heart-warming Christmas post first thing, but I just got a call from someone letting me know that another fire has hit at the Main and Broadway area — this time, it’s the little block between Main and Kingsway on the south side. (A pic already in the Vancouver Sun here.)That means no more fabulous prawns and broccoli for us from the New Maple restaurant and a lot of grief for all of those small businesses along there.

This is definitely weird. This makes the third fire in this area in the last couple of years: Habit and the grocery store next door were hit two years ago and Habit had just re-opened in the last few months. Then there was Slickety Jim’s a couple months ago on the west side of Main, south of Broadway, and now this. Very creepy feeling.

(Heart-warming post to come later, after I clear some of the rubble from our Christmas celebrations last night.)

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