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Aurora Bistro shuts down

November 24th, 2008 · 15 Comments


Okay, call me a hopeless bourgeois (as my friend Kim does whenever I admit to doing something like going to the art gallery), but it’s devastating news that Aurora Bistro has closed down on Main Street. It was my idea of the perfect restaurant — amazing, local, meticulously prepared food, along with a small comfortable room where the noise levels didn’t get crazy like in so many Vancouver places, and reasonable prices. Best of all, it was on Main.

According to various foodie blogs and sites around town, the owner just felt like he couldn’t make it in the tough economic times. There was a suggestion somewhere about Main Street landlords putting up their rents, which I wouldn’t be surprised at, with the explosion of west-side type restaurants there.

This would perhaps explain why so many other neighbourhood yuppies have migrated to Les Faux Bourgeois, at Fraser and 15th. (Just try getting a reservation there less than a week in advance. Or going as late as, say, 5:45 to try to get one of the few walk-in tables.)

Anyway, this is the kind of news that makes me cranky. It was bad enough that decent, needed businesses on Main were closing because of the gentrification (the beloved Shell station at 25th and Main, where guys who looked like they’d work there for 25 years would come and pump your gas; the drycleaners next to the Dairy Queen near 13th) and now this! Yuck.

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