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Best of the April 1 posts in the urban world, where the fantastic always seems a little more plausible

April 2nd, 2013 · 1 Comment

I bowed out from April Fool’s efforts this year, but not everyone did. There seems to be something about city planning that inspires creativity in the “plausible but not actually true” genre.

Like — the condo project by Bow-Haus on Cambie that lifted up the former single-family house on the lot and put it on the roof of a six-storey building. (check for 587 West King Edward)

Or the discovery through FOI that Vancouver has extended construction hours 24/7 until the end of 2014.

Which had to be followed by an explanatory post to let gullible types know that it wasn’t actually true.

Then there was this:

north shore news doc

Meanwhile, in other parts of the planet, the Toronto Transit Commission created a “personal subway car” for those who feel the need to complete their toilette while in transit

The City of Austin sent out a news release saying Esquire had named its mayor as one of the Best Dressed.

And someone posted that Toronto was going to build a $500-million bike network.






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