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Bike lanes here to stay, in case you hadn’t guessed. Also no right-hand turns off Dunsmuir

June 7th, 2012 · 40 Comments

In case you missed it elsewhere, the report that recommends keeping the current separated lanes downtown.

No surprise. I couldn’t imagine anyone ripping out bike lanes anywhere without being branded a Rob Ford-loving troglodyte. The power of momentum. Plus, in spite of complaints from all and sundry that the lanes are frequently “empty,” they are not any emptier than many roads and sidewalks in the city.

The report also includes the rationale for why it’s impractical to re-introduce right-hand turn lanes off Dunsmuir to Seymour and Hornby even though 1. right-hand turns ARE allowed at Beatty and Homer 2. The bike traffic is lower at the Seymour/Hornby end of the street than at the Beatty/Homer end, which is closer to the viaduct. Not that I’m annoyed.


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