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Bliss post

September 24th, 2009 · 14 Comments

Okay, I know I should post something really serious about some terrible scandal involving the infringement of someone’s liberties, but really — hasn’t it been beautiful in Vancouver the last couple days.

Sometimes this city makes me so tired (fractious, smug, whiny, insular, balkanized) and other days I think, really, how nice is this.

Last night, went to meet a friend on Main Street and walked past the Cambrian Hall on 17th, where the sounds of a men’s choir wafted out into the warm dusk air. A nice glass of wine at my new favourite place, Latitude, as the sun finished setting on another incredible fall day here of all sun.

Tonight, I was downtown where the streets were filled with people walking around, as though everyone had decided spontaneously that it was just too nice to stay inside.

It felt like a real city and, at the same time, a small town filled with friends. The best.

Okay, back to crankiness tomorrow.

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