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Brace for Olympics 24-hour party zone

March 18th, 2009 · 7 Comments

I’m (belatedly) posting my story in the Globe this week about the competition to get and rent party sites downtown for the many, many groups that want to have a presence at the Olympics. What really hit home to me for the first time, as I was researching this story, was just what a carnival it’s going to be downtown as hundreds of business groups, community groups, government organizations and you name it set up party/hosting sites here there and everywhere.

I hear my onetime employer, CanWest, is going to be hosting theirs at the Miele showroom on Yaletown, Alberta is going to be in a restaurant at the corner of Robson and Beatty, Bell is going to be in another restaurant nearby, and so on and so on. Apparently the Heineken beer company always has a great place at every Olympics, although I haven’t heard where they’re going to be yet. That’s on top of the city’s two live sites, which will have non-stop entertainment.

We live within a 30-minute walk of all this so I think we’ll just be ditching our car and wandering around to observe the festivities. I’m not usually a crowd person – I go out of my way to avoid towns holding “festivals” — but this sounds like it will be spread out over so many blocks and be so unique that I’m starting to think it will be fun. Hope I’m not disappointed.

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