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Brain addled by sun but two final news stories to come before holidays

August 13th, 2010 · 12 Comments

I’m sitting under an apple tree on Hornby Island, not Hornby Street, having just read my way through the 171 comments on the Hornby bike lane. All I can say is  … well, nothing. It’s too mind-boggling, the level of passion that is going into this stretch of pavement. Though, as someone pointed out, also pretty informative.

(Apologies to those whose comments were held in limbo, waiting for me to moderate. All up now. Everyone please go back and read, as they were very good.)

On other notes, I have two interesting news stories coming out tomorrow, watch for them. (I’ll post.)

Secondly, I am going to try to take some holidays, which means not writing stories, not writing blog posts, not answering emails, and generally not doing nerdy things like Twittering on the ferry or holding lengthy conversations with policy wonks while sitting on my towel at the beach. (It’s harder to do these days, because so many around are doing it — the Cardboard Bakery had three laptops running already when I got here and the naked guy next to me at Little Tribune was solving some kind of data problem on the phone while I was there this morning. In answer to your question, no, I was not.)

Soo .. what to do for the next two weeks. I could just shut everything down and disable comments, but I fear that would drive some people to have to leave their houses and we couldn’t have that.

My idea is to have a post called Holiday Comments, where anyone can post on any urban topic while I am gone. I’ll have someone monitor for violations of my blog policy — no stupid name-calling, no labelling people as mindless partisan hacks without some piece of specific evidence or analysis, no gratuitous meanness. You know, the Frances Bula Be Nice, or If You Can’t Be Nice, At Least Be Thoughtful policy.

Aye or nay?

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