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Campaign spending reports show Vision spent a million more than NPA in city’s most expensive election ever.

February 23rd, 2015 · 7 Comments

Gets boring to write election after election, but … most expensive election ever.

Campaign finance reports are over on the Elections BC website, for those anxious to scrutinize them. I so look forward to having someone note that somebody gave some sum of money every time their business licence or development is approved.

The basics: Vision went nuts on spending, with $3.3 million in spending by the end, leaving the organization almost $400,000 in debt. Strangely, the NPA had $228,000 left over, after raising almost $2.5 million. Did they decide it wasn’t worth blowing any more money or it was in the bag or ???

COPE did not file by deadline. Greens spending was modest, as they’d said it would be.

I look forward to your finds of nefarious doings, hidden in all the pages of money. I’d like to go through the timelines to see how much money Vision spent in the last few weeks of the campaign, when the team was desperately trying to pull it out of the polling hole

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