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Candidates to lead left coalition in Vancouver start to emerge. First up, NDP current and former MPs

February 15th, 2018 · No Comments

It’s going to be a long campaign season (election day is Oct. 20, folks) because of the very open elections that will be happening in Vancouver and elsewhere, as numerous mayors announce they won’t run again and all but two Vision incumbents on council have bailed.

So, in the ongoing saga, here’s the latest: Two candidates of the many rumoured so far publicly confirming they’re considering running to unite the left/progressive/whatever you want to call them. While they may end up not running, the interesting sub-text to all this is the fact that clearly many on the left etc side are talking in what sound like fairly non-confrontational ways about how to co-operate.

For those trying to keep up with the rumour mill, here are the other names I’ve heard for a possible mayoral run (names here do NOT mean the person has indicated any interest or willingness)

  • Liberal MP Joyce Murray, who is one of the greener reps in the Liberal Party
  • Shauna Sylvester, a big star in the enviro community for her work on getting groups to collaborate and for her fundraising at SFU for that cause
  • Tamara Vrooman, CEO of VanCity Credit Union. Seems unlikely, given the great job she has now
  • Mira Oreck, ran for NDP and lost to Jody Wilson-Raybould in federal Van-Granville riding. Now working with NDP government, married to former Vision president. I’m told this is unlikely.
  • Raymond Louie. This councillor had always been named as a possible mayoral contender but, with the near collapse of Vision, changing fundraising rules, and the need for Vision to stand back in order to work with other parties, this might be a non-starter.


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