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City of Vancouver website about to see big changes — fans of current site should be documenting what’s there now

July 31st, 2012 · 16 Comments

I’m hearing from multiple people that the city is about to launch a revised website that removes thousands of pages that are now available. There is also some chatter of giving new or slightly different names to various neighbourhoods.

For all who care, you should go on the site now and get screenshots of the pages you tend to visit the most, so that you can contrast and compare with what’s available after.

I know that I, personally, count on being able to access a couple of things. One is the planning/development section where I can get details of all rezonings and major projects, including complete access to every document submitted by the applicant. The other is the finance department and its financial documents.

But I hear that a lot of information now available about neighbourhoods may also be disappearing. I don’t look at that as much, so I’m not even sure what’s there.

Counting on all of you to keep me posted on what the differences are, what you value about the current site, etc.


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