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City Plumber returns at last, answering: Why do townhouses and apartments get put on the busy streets while single family dwellers get the quiet stretches?

June 4th, 2012 · 9 Comments

City Plumber was out of commission for a few months, for personal reasons that I think many of you reading this blog are aware of.

But the Plumber is back and panting to answer questions! The latest Q and A has just been posted. I’ve answered a few other questions the last several weeks either privately or in other blog posts. (Why is a streetlight being installed at this intersection, what is happening with the posting for a director of planning, etc.)

I still have a list of questions from the first rush but do welcome more. A hint: It’s nice for all concerned, but the Plumber especially, if you post an actual question rather than a political rant or a grumble disguised as a question.

Final word of advice: Commenters should consolidate their answers in one place. Got very confusing during the Wall Centre glass discussion, with people posting both under City Plumber and the main blog.

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