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City puts an Olympic village project overseer on the case

February 13th, 2009 · 1 Comment

It was one year to the Olympics yesterday, but for the city and the Olympic village developers, the deadline is much closer: Oct. 31 to be exact, except for a couple of buildings that are going to be delivered Nov. 30.

The city is still working on finalizing its financing, and it’s also taking extreme precautions to make sure that it has someone who can be very hands-on with the project for the city. That’s just in case, for any reason, Millennium should run into unforeseen troubles, either with the village or with other parts of its development empire. The last thing the city needs is a delay, if the we-hope-it-never-happens disastrous were to occur, and people are floundering around wondering what needs to be done next on the project.

My story in today’s Globe on this is here.

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