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CityCaucus ponders the future of the Non-Partisan Association

March 30th, 2011 · 15 Comments

Some people think CityCaucus (which consists of the two people who used to work the most closely with former mayor Sam Sullivan: Daniel Fontaine, chief of staff, and Mike Klassen, web designer) IS the Non-Partisan Association, since it has led the charge in generating critical media and talking points about the failures of Vision Vancouver.

However, both CC and the NPA keep insisting that that’s not the case. Even so, CC does have insider access to the thinking and doings of the NPA that regular media types just don’t, so it’s always instructive to hear their analysis of the state of the party. The latest is here. Not sure how accurate every detail is. Adrian Dix going to win the NDP leadership? Not what I’m hearing. And Rob Macdonald has bowed out of running for the mayor’s office? Not sure that’s definitive yet.

But it is true that all the provincial and federal politics have sucked the life out of any momentum the party was starting to develop last summer and early fall as a result of CC’s heavy shelling of the Vision fortress. I’ve talked to more than one person who used to be active in the NPA who is now saying they’ve got no energy left for any more politics, after the provincial Liberal leadership race. Some don’t even have any energy left for the federal election underway.

So where does this leave the NPA?

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