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Citygate daycare may get reprieve, but childcare situation remains underfunded, squeezed

May 27th, 2010 · 19 Comments

This is not news to any parent with children under school age, but the childcare situation in the city (province/country) continues to be the equivalent of an unseen Hurricane Katrina, an ongoing disaster that never seems to get fixed. My son is 27 now so I’m well past the childcare stage, but I’ll never forget the sense of complete desperation that finding childcare used to induce or the relief when there actually seemed to be sane, rational, affordable help provided. The then $35-a-week all-day summer daycamps provided by the park board was one of the positives.

I still find it odd the way governments pour money into so many other endeavours, but nurturing children between the ages of zero and five continues to be an area where parents are left to flounder in the open seas with such restricted help.

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