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Coleman says Vancouver needs to pay half the cost of operating Gregor shelters

March 25th, 2010 · 32 Comments

The city had its day in the media sun Tuesday, with a homeless count that seemed to be proving that having more shelters is keeping people off the street.

The housing minister got his day today, with his Colemanesque gentle ultimatum that, if Vancouver wants to open more shelters than the province currently funds, it should pay half the operating costs.

The question that I can’t help thinking is going to come Mr. Coleman’s way: If his complaint is that the city is “setting its own policy” on how many shelters to have open without wanting to pay the bill, surely some people are going to ask, “Why is it not provincial policy to ensure that there are enough shelters to provide everyone on the streets with a bed?”

I’m sure we’ll get an answer soon.

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