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Coming to Vancouver downtown: More noise, more efforts to control noise

November 24th, 2010 · 20 Comments

Vancouver’s plan to put 7,000 people in close proximity to two stadiums, an outdoor civic plaza and (potentially) a casino is unique in North America. Not surprisingly, it’s raising questions about how to deal with some of the inevitable conflicts, noise being one of them.

The city, trying to minimize the likelihood of any lawsuits from future residents who say that government had a duty to protect them from excessive noise, was looking at just having new condo owners sign agreements that spelled out they were moving into a noisy area. Apparently the law department was concerned that wasn’t going to be enough.

So now there are additional measures. The city is going to ask developers in the area to come up with different construction techniques to minimize noise. At this point, a “guideline,” not a requirement, but developers going to the development-permit board will have to explain what they’ve been able to do. As well, there is going to be an effort to work with event organizers to see what can be done about minimizing sound. Good luck there.

And what no one can do much about is the fact that BC Place will now have an openable roof that, yes, will be open for many events. Which means noise will travel even further.

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