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Community-centre negotiations grinding on slowly but surely, while objectors stay out of the game

February 23rd, 2013 · 49 Comments

Just to update everyone on the news that dominated the lists a couple of weeks ago and has since disappeared. Below, an update from the park board general manager to the commissioners. I should add that I’ve heard as well that the park board’s ridiculous three-week deadline for negotiations has been dropped.

Those following the news will know that Kensington centre, whose president recently resigned and was replaced by one of a different stripe, pulled out of the negotiations this past week. So 12 centres are negotiating jointly. Two, Strathcona and Roundhouse, are working on separate agreements due to the very different nature of the centres they operate. And six are out. (Killarney, Kerrisdale, Hastings, Riley Park, Marpole and now Kensington, I believe.) (Sorry, informed later that it is Sunset that is out, not Marpole)

In the meantime, the note from Mr. Bromley

From: Bromley, Malcolm Sent: February 23, 2013 4:35 PM
Subject: Community Centre Associations negotiations

Dear Commissioners,

Please see the mutually agreed statement which was released following today’s meeting. Please feel free to distribute as you see fit.

Let me know if you have any questions.


“Park Board and Community Centre Association representatives held productive discussions about renewing their partnership through an updated Joint Operating Agreement (JOA). The group recognized strong coherence in their visions for the JOA.

Agreed by all is the belief that a respectful partnership is the best vehicle for meeting Park Board’s, City’s, and Community Centre Associations’ goals.

While it is recognized that final agreements will not be made until negotiations are complete, we have arrived at a consensus for our continuing process and agenda.

Next we will work toward an understanding on universal membership and acceptance of Leisure Access Card”.


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