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Comparisons of heights, density of other Mount Pleasant buildings

February 28th, 2012 · 14 Comments

In response to a request from another poster, Joe Just Joe has done heroic work in digging up some numbers for people to compare to the Rize project. They’re buried in a string, so I’m re-posting here.

298 East 11th Avenue (2725 Sophia) 8 stories, 3.0FSR.

350 Kingsway 13 stories (126ft), 3.0 FSR

96 East Broadway 3 stories, 3.0 FSR

2758 Prince Edward 9 stories, 3.00FSR

2321 Scotia Street (The Elyse) 9 stories, 3.01FSR.

133 EAST 8TH AVENUE 6 Stories, 3.0FSR

301 Kingsway 11 Stories, 3.0FSR

1 Kingsway, 9 stories, 2.96FSR

2520 MANITOBA STREET 5 Stories, 2.74FSR

Could not find Jacobsen, but looking at the comparibles it’s safe to say it’ll be ~3FSR

333 Main 5 stories 2.5FSR.

Think I’m done though, you can buy me a beer at the next secret monthly Frances Bula beerfest.

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