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Debate over contract for Vancouver’s new financial officer

April 19th, 2009 · 28 Comments

The City Caucus blog posted the details of the contract for Vancouver’s new CFO, Patrice Impey, yesterday. CTV followed up by getting a response from Mayor Gregor Robertson here, which City Caucus then fulminated over in a second post here. I’m interested in your thoughts on this. Is this a reasonable price to pay for senior city managers?

Some might argue that it’s what the city has to do to compete in the private sector. In fact, it’s what was being argued during contract negotiations during the famous strike — the city’s negotiating team was pushing for the right to hire outsiders and give them seniority, benefits and pay equivalent to their years elsewhere in an effort to improve its ability to recruit. If I’m not mistaken, the union agreed to that for people coming from other government jobs, but not private-sector jobs.

On the other hand, everyone else at the city is dealing with hiring and travel freezes and I don’t know what else, while the taxpayers, as we are continually reminded, are looking at a significant tax increase.

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