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Density around SkyTrain or industrial land?

July 22nd, 2009 · 14 Comments

Amid the deluge of reports coming to council this week and next is an interesting one that essentially poses the question to council on what to do about the site that PCI has bought next to the new Southeast Marine Drive SkyTrain station.

It’s been an article of faith among people committed to building sustainable cities that density should especially be built in around SkyTrain stations. (Watch out Cambie people, it’s coming to your neighbourhood someday.)

PCI is offering the city a challenging choice — should it allow this project, which is exactly the kind of density that should go in around these stations, or should it turn the project down because it is partly residential density that PCI wants to put on industrial land.

My friend Jeff Lee over at the Sun wrote about this as well on his blog, emphasizing the drive to save industrial land. But, I have to say, the sense I get from city hall is that there’s a lot of interest in encouraging dense developments next to all the stations along the Canada Line.

We await the next chapter

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